Greenhouse effect | Effects of global warming

The term ‘Greenhouse effect’ is closely related to ‘effects of global warming’ and ‘climate change’. Let's take a brief look at the various aspects of the 'Greenhouse effect'.

Effects of global warming

Greenhouse effect and 

Effects of global warming

Last month, July 2019, was the hottest month on human history. This means that globally, normal climate and temperatures now seem to be rising year by year. The causes of this climate change especially pollution, overcrowding and the general neglect of humanity. However, we can directly point to two factors that contribute to global warming - global warming and the effect of the greenhouse. Let’s see more about them in this article about the effect of greenhouse.

The earth's surface is surrounded by an envelope, or atmosphere, which we call the atmosphere. The gases in the atmosphere absorb infrared rays that produce heat on the earth's surface. In ideal conditions, this effect creates a global temperature of 15c. And without such a practice life would be impossible on earth.

However, due to rapid industrial growth and increasing pollution, greenhouse gases have increased dramatically over the past few centuries. This, in turn, causes more radiation to be trapped in the earth's atmosphere. And as a result, temperatures over the planet are slowly rising. This is what we are referring to when we talk about the man-made greenhouse effect.


What is the meaning of the greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect is the action word that makes the earth look like a greenhouse. Just as the greenhouse absorbs heat, so the earth's atmosphere absorbs the sun's rays. This causes global warming.

Scientists believe that the greenhouse gases are the source of the greenhouse effect. These greenhouse gases such as (carbon dioxide - co2, methane - CH4, water vapor, etc that trap excess heat cause global warming,

Heat Gases

These gases or molecules are naturally present in Earth's atmosphere. However, they too are exempt from human activity. These gases play a vital role in trapping the sun's heat and thus gradually warming the earth's temperature. The earth is inhabited by humans because of the balance of energy that you absorb and the energy you display back in space.

List of greenhouse gases

• Methane.

• Carbon Dioxide.

• CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).

• Nitrous oxide.

Causes of Greenhouse Effect

There are two broad causes for the greenhouse effect:

I. Natural Causes

dioxide is present in the oceans, plant decay is due to forest fires and other animal dung produces methane, and nitrogen oxide is present in water and land.

2. Water vapor 1. Some elements that exist on Earth produce gases that absorb heat naturally. For example, carbon raises the temperature by absorbing energy in the event of an increase in humidity.

3. Humans and animals take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

II. Man-Made Causes

1. The combustion of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing a catastrophic greenhouse effect. Also, when coal is mined or a source of oil, methane is released from the Earth, which pollutes it.

2. Trees with the help of photosynthesis process absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. As a result of deforestation, carbon dioxide levels continue to rise steadily. This is also a major cause of the increase in the greenhouse effect.

3. To get a good harvest, farmers use artificial nitrogen in their fields. This releases nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere.

4. Industries emit harmful gases into the atmosphere such as methane, carbon dioxide, and fluorine gas. These also develop globally


List Causes of Greenhouse Effect

• Pollutants (especially CFS) create holes in the ozone layer, allowing the sun's rays to penetrate the atmosphere.

• Methane and other gases form a layer in the atmosphere that absorbs the sun's rays inside.

• Fuel burners emit greenhouse gases.

• Aerosols spraying usually relieve CFCs.

• Driving vehicles emit greenhouse gases.

• Deforestation also damages the ozone layer.

• Industrial chimneys emit greenhouse gases.

• The aviation industry is a major polluting environment.

• Animal farming produces a large amount of methane, as follows:

• Eating meat contributes to heat.

Other Greenhouse Effect results

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, there are still people who deny the existence of climate change and its destructive pitfalls. However, many results and pieces of evidence for climate change are now undeniable. The surface temperature of the planet has risen by 1c since the 19th century. This change is largely due to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Significant damage has been seen in the last 35 years especially.

Oceans and seas are absorbed by this rising temperature. The surface of these seas saw a temperature of 0.4c. Glaciers and glaciers also decrease rapidly. The level of melting of Antartica ice has tripled in the last decade. These statistics and alarming facts are evidence of the imminent catastrophe we are facing.


How to prevent greenhouse effect

• Drive slowly - save fuel to keep it from burning.

• I eat less - save fat so it doesn't burn.

• Reduce consumption.

• Reuse, recycle, renew, and reuse.

• Use a few sprays - sometimes they also contain toxic substances.

• Stop using fossil fuels - where fossil fuels such as coal, oil, etc.

• Switch to renewable energy.

• Buy from environmentally friendly companies.

• A campaign to encourage others to do the same.